Water supply, building construction, occupancy, and building use are all aspects of fire sprinkler system design. Your home and your business are uniquely yours.

The way you live and the work you do is distinct because you are unique. When it comes to protecting you from a devastating fire, Brigade Fire Protection considers each unique and different requirement you have in your home and business before designing your fire sprinkler system.

But they’re just the beginning. Just as every fire is different, the design of every fire sprinkler should satisfy the specific requirements of your facility, insurance underwriters, along with local and national fire protection standards. Brigade Fire Protection takes pride in solving project challenges and designing fire sprinkler systems to meet each individual client’s needs.

Original, Cost-Effective Designs

Brigade Fire’s experienced, NICET-certified designers enjoy the challenges presented with each new fire sprinkler system design project. Their goal is always to design the most effective and efficient system for the best price. To do this, they will:

  • Identify your specific needs
  • Consider any risks, threats, or hazards
  • Evaluate technology & products available
  • Collaborate with architect, engineering, & building firms

The final result is a fire sprinkler system design that is unique to your home or business – custom designed with you in mind to protect what’s most important to you.

Brigade Fire Protection’s fire sprinkler system design experience ranges from retrofits to new installations. That experience and every new design we do allow us to grow in our problem solving and creativity – we are designers, after all.

Cutting-Edge Technology

And finally, at Brigade, we pride ourselves on designing for the future. Our professional engineers incorporate the most up-to-date technology and the latest products available to provide you every advantage to prevent, suppress, and extinguish fires before they cause damage to your home or business.

Fire sprinkler systems save lives; that’s their purpose. It’s what they do. When you need a fire sprinkler system, depend on the creativity, problem-solving, and experience of Brigade Fire to protect your property and loved ones. The best fire sprinkler system design available, it’s what we do.